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Schatz Landscape Design offers full scale landscape design documents for commercial, residential, institutional and community projects. Additional services include: on-site and off-site design consulting; horticultural consulting and assessment reports; expert witness testimony.

Hourly Rate:

We bill by the hour at $75.00 per hour.

The Design Process:

Our collection of information starts at the initial meeting when we discuss the ideas you have for your property. Most importantly we assess the features of your property and how we can design with your needs in mind to provide a functional, beautiful and environmentally sound landscape.
The design process includes these key features:

  • Initial meeting to discuss project scope.
  • Discuss project costs and budget.
  • Provide our design services proposal.
  • Our proposal will detail an estimated number of hours required to complete the project.
  • Client provides a site survey or digital survey file from a builder or architect.
  • Our field technicians perform site measurements to update and fill out all the details not included in the site survey.
  • Field measurements include doors and windows for views, ingresses and egresses, existing trees, shrubs and bed lines, existing hardscape items (pool, driveway, patios, etc.), various externalities (hose bibs, meters, downspouts, drain field, etc.) and neighboring properties.
  • Properties with extensive trees may require a tree survey.
  • Email client a sample plant list to review.
  • Email or meet with the client to review PDF documents that detail our initial thoughts.
  • We discuss the bed line layout, the hardscape (including driveway, pool, patio, seating areas, etc), the entrance and exit locations, and the focal points (tree/palm specimen or other key feature locations).
  • Upon approval of the bed line and hardscape layout, we proceed to the Understory planting based on your input of the sample plant list.
  • Present a preliminary plan with a completed landscape ready for review.
  • We encourage redline notations for modifications.
  • Client takes the time to fully review the preliminary plan.
  • Update the plan with any changes discussed.
  • Final presentation of the revised drawing.
  • The client receives 8 bound copies in scale (1” = 10’ or 1” = 20’) for use to hand out to contractors and installers for estimates.

Sometimes, additional hours occur if there are additional field changes, project complications, and/or scope additions. We anticipate meeting with you at your property between 3 to 4 times. If additional meetings are necessary, there may be an increase in the amount of consulting hours billed. Project management services are available after the final presentation of the drawing at $75.00 per hour. The final consulting invoice will be based on the amount of hours required to complete the design process. The client will be kept abreast of any changes there are to the proposed hours.

Fee Chart:

On Site Design Consulting:

Design or Horticultural Advice $75 per hour

On Site Tools

  • Marking Paint – to designate bedlines, walkways, etc.
  • Flag Markers – to designate plant locations, corners, etc.
  • Rough Sketch – a conceptual sketch; not to scale (See Example)
  • Scaled Sketch – a measured sketch with a designated scale (See Example)
  • Written Advice – plant and contractor list, plant problem diagnosis, etc.
  • Verbal Advice – client listens and/or writes to save time and money

Off Site Design Consulting

Design or Horticultural Advice $75 per hour

Off Site Tools

  • Communication:
  • Telephone – advice over the phone
  • Facsimiles – transmittal of documents, etc.
  • US Mail – over one pound is at reimbursement rate
  • E-mail – information, PDF or JPEG files
  • Expert Witness – discuss landscape issues for the judicial system

  • Document Creation:
  • Sample Proposal – itemized and market value sample of costs
  • Advice Letter – recommendations on letterhead
  • Landscape Assessment Report – typically stated and proposed otherwise
  • Related Research – plus expenses outsourced; labs, others, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Fees – agency, construction and application fees, etc.

Computer Aided Design Services – CAD

Part One

Site Survey Technical Work – $200 to $500+ (residential lots are typically $200)
field technicians place existing plants, adjacent structures and lot items on the
base drawing; wooded lots may require a tree survey

Part Two

Type I – Residential (¼ acre – ½ acre lot6)
Detailed CAD Drawings – 16 to 20 hours ($1200.00 – $1500.00)
Type II – Residential (¾ acre – 1 acre lot6)
Detailed CAD Drawings – 18 to 32 hours ($1350.00 – $2400.00)
Type III – Residential Estates
Detailed CAD Drawings – 25 hours – 80 hours ($1875.00 – $6000.00)
Type IV – Commercial/Industrial/Institutional/Community Projects (bid accordingly)

Design Details

price quotes are based on a variety of factors: lot and house size, client
desires, neighborhood covenants, environmental rules, existing vegetation,
complexity, drainage and electrical easements, special features, habitat,
location, hardscape and more