Our client-friendly goal is to work with nature.

Designing landscape spaces is all lot more than arranging sod, plants, sprinklers and mulch. Our design process is collaborative between our client’s needs, desires and wishes, environmental conditions and sustainability, our green industry experience and our most creative and transformational juices.

In short, we love a challenge.

We want to transform troublesome problems into wonderful assets. A neighbor’s boat parked in the back yard can be transformed into a marvleous wall of screening foliage. A sunny spot where the grass always dies can be transformed into a butterfly garden or a culinary garden. A drainage problem where mud and mosquitos collect can be transformed into an outstandingly beautiful dry creek. A hohum and monotonous back yard can be transformed into a place where one could ask, “Where are we going to eat?”

Today’s landscapes are changing.

Homeowners are thinking more about the way in which they can spend more quality time at home, balance the needs of nature and find ways to use their yards in more innovative ways. Getting it right balances the beauty in people-friendly uses with the responsibilty we all have with the environment.